Election Day 2016

Here’s a photo set from our home mock election we held on Sunday afternoon. Ainsley made the voting booth shield.

We had a family mock election precinct tonight. Kids we're really excited to vote & get stickers.

The kids enjoyed learning about how to vote and especially getting stickers. But we all like that part, right?

First Catch

Here’s Wyatt’s first every fish he caught. That’s his Granddad, “Pop”, assisting with the net, too. That is one happy kid! Well, at least until he saw what cleaning a fish entailed.

2016 Fishing Trip

Wyatt Learning to Ride a Balance Bike

Both of the kids have now learned how to ride a bike using the “balance bike” method. Basically, take off the pedals and let them coast down a hill to practice balancing. After a dozen or so times, they’ll be ready to put the pedals back on and ride around. It’s amazing how well this worked.

Wyatt's Balance Bike

Young Game

We got Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U recently. I knew Angela would enjoy it but I didn’t figure how much the kids would want to play, too. It’s got easy drop-in co-op play, and more-or-less allows players who get easily distracted (like a 6- or 4yo, for example) to coast along side other players for a bit.

But both kids have started playing &emdash;and beating&emdash; entire levels on their own. Not that I should be all that shocked, as both Angela and I started playing video games at about this age. So far, it’s been a lot of fun for all of us.

Young Gamer